2011 Planning

A few notes to start planning for next years 1/2 Ironman races (1.2mi swim, 56mi bike and 13.1mi run).

Races I’m doing for sure

I’d like to do a few other races as time and schedule allow including: 

  • Another Olympic distance – TBD where, but in late spring/early summer
  • Maybe a 1/2 marathon, probably not until fall so maybe the Seattle 1/2, or even the Lk Samm 1/2.
  • Another 70.3 – maybe the Black Diamond HIM in Sept

Totals for 2010 (for comparison later)

  • Swim: 80 miles
  • Bike: 1600 miles
  • Run: 340 miles
  • Longest training week (4 of them): +3 miles swimming, +100 miles biking and +20 miles running


  • 3 pairs of headphones ruined
  • 2 pairs of goggles ruined by chlorine/abuse
  • 1 water bottle lost

Things to figure out

  • New values for LT and FTP
  • Nutrition needs
  • TBD other
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