Getting ready

Wow, I suck at keeping up w/ this blog site. Oh well. Next weekend is my next race – Chelanman at Lake Chelan in Eastern WA. Nice area, and i’ve heard good things about the race. Winter training was going pretty good until I had a freak accident on the bike. Wound up bruising my knee cap (bone bruise underneath) in March. That took a LONG time to heal. Wasn’t untl about 3 weeks ago that it didn’t hurt anymore to walk down stairs. That derailed winter training quite a bit. Couldn’t run, couldn’t bike for several weeks and have been lightly doing each for several more. At this point, my only goal for this upcoming race is to finish… Probably the right goal anyway given it’s my first attempt at this distance. But still somewhat dissapointing given my original goals for this season. Going to be a busy few months. Chelanman next week, Lake Stevens 4 weeks after that and depending on the weather I think I’ll do the Black Diamond race again (I’ll do the 1/2 IM rather than the Olympic though) in late Sept. I don’t really be properly trained for any of them, but it still sounds like fun.

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